Veterinarian Clinic in Cincinnati OH

Veterinarians are animal doctors who examine, diagnose and treat sick animals. They communicate with administrative staff and veterinary assistants to prepare their schedules for the day, gather information about an animal’s symptoms and perform surgeries. They are comfortable working in fast-paced environments and able to work with a large volume of patients each day.

Emergency Care

Your pet will be treated by experienced emergency vets who are equipped to deal with almost any problem. However, the cost can be very high. This is because the pet will have to stay for days and nights and monitored constantly. It is also because of the X-rays, medications and other tests that will be done.

You should always call your regular veterinarian to let them know that you will be bringing in your pet for emergency care. This way they can advise you on the closest animal hospital or clinic to get your pet to. Also, they can help triage your pet over the phone to assess how urgently they need to see an emergency vet. They can do a thorough physical examination of your pet including bloodwork, urine and fecal samples. They will also check your pet’s gum color, mental state and ability to move. Then they will evaluate if there are any broken bones or cracked ribs.

Preventative Care

As you know, routine preventative care is essential for your pet’s health. This includes wellness exams, screening tests, vaccinations, and treatments like flea and tick prevention. While many pet owners may take a break from these services during the winter months, warmer weather brings fleas, ticks and other parasites into our yards and neighborhoods and increases the risk of illness for our pets. If you’re not taking these preventative measures, now is the time to start. Routine preventative care will help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

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